Our Services

The Unlaub Company is built upon the simple mission “To Serve”. Here are a few ways Unlaub can bring not only the great products, but also highly focused and tailored service to your operations:

Unlaub Team

Our featured service IS our Unlaub Team – great people ready to help you with your next inquiry, quote request or order. Call our main number or go to the Unlaub directory to find a specific Unlaub team member.

Unlaub Sales Counter/Warehouse

For your convenience, stop by our sales counter and warehouse at 1722 East King Place, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, M-F.  To save time and ensure availability, call ahead to have your product waiting for pick up.

Certified Drive Package

The Unlaub CDP, the Certified Drive Package, may be the solution for you.  Unlaub delivers YOUR CDP, mechanical and electrical components according to YOUR precise specifications, in one, just-in-time, skidded, and wrapped package (or skids / packages).  Achieve real efficiency gains with 1 Order, 1 Pallet, 1 Invoice. -Ask an Unlaub Team member how our CDP program can work for you.


In addition to our large warehouse of commonly needed inventory items, Unlaub offers a JIT, Just-in-time approach to YOUR inventory needs.  Unlaub can help by stocking items you will need in the future.  Unlaub can package and deliver those items how and when you need them.  Unlaub can be your inventory partner and help you SAVE on inventory holding costs and on valuable inventory space.

Large Warehouse And Inventory / Delivery

The Unlaub Company is a stocking distributor for the leading brands and products you require.  Our warehouse is open for walk ins and will calls, Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 5:30.  We will make every effort to meet your needs for early or late pick ups – make arrangements with your inside rep.

AFTER HOURS ACCESS to WAREHOUSE –  If necessary, after-hours access to the Unlaub Warehouse is available for an access fee.  Just call the main Unlaub number (918) 583-5104 and follow the prompts to reach the Unlaub team member who is “on-call”.

Engineering / Application Support / Training

The Unlaub team stands ready to serve and support your technical, engineering and training needs, including: