Since 1948 in Northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding region, The Unlaub Company has been a leading source for mechanical power transmission, motor & motor control and material handling – products and related support services. We offer product identification assistance, engineering design support, inventory advice, cost analysis, and a whole host of related support services to go along with these products.

It is the Unlaub / Channel Bearing Team that makes the difference in all the products we offer. Because “service” is at the core of what we do. We stand ready to promptly respond to your quote and order requests. We can tailor all aspects of the product, preparation (packaging, skidding, wrapping) and delivery specifics according to your requirements. We offer basic “counter sales” all the way through to highly unique, high specification components.

Whether you stop by our sales counter, call us on the phone, or connect with us on-line, we are here to help you get the right products when you need them.

Mechanical_PicMechanical power transmission products

The mechanical components are a critical part of your drive system.  Unlaub / Channel Bearing is a trusted source of mechanical power transmission products:  bearings, belts,couplings, bushings, shaft, sheaves, pulleys, gear reducers and more. Unlaub / Channel Bearing can help you find that single item you are replacing. Unlaub / Channel Bearing can also help you with the entire electro-mechanical drive system according to your precise requirements.

Motor_Control_picMotors & Motor Controls

Motors come in all sizes and specifications. Unlaub / Channel Bearing can assist you in identifying your motor reuirements, whether fairly basic or highly specific. Unlaub / Channel Bearing offers the expertise and products that make your motors operate more efficiently. Unlaub / Channel Bearing can also provide VFD’s soft starts, fuses, circuit breakers, pilot devices, starters, enclosures and more.

Material_PicMaterial Handling

There are many ways that material moves from here to there.  The Unlaub / Channel Bearing team is here for you and can help identify material handling products you need to replace or new products to improve your line.  Conveyor belting, pulleys, idlers, rollers, cleaners, crushing and vibrating equipment…are just a few of the items available through Unlaub / Channel Bearing.  Whether you are looking for just one material handling part or a whole system, Unlaub / Channel Bearing can help.