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Unlaub motor options expand…

The Unlaub Company is pleased to offer US Motors as a stocked and available motor option at both our Tulsa and Houston locations.

US Motors is a name recognized in electric motors for more than 100 years.

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07-2982 and 07-2987






Baldor-Dodge Raptor Coupling – Now there is a better choice!

The Baldor-Dodge Raptor is an easy to assemble, patented split rubber element that significantly decreases total costs and extends driven equipment life.

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A rich history of service to our customer’s line or supply chain…now in two great cities!

Since 1948, Unlaub = Products for your line or supply chain.


Unlaub provides Electro-Mechanical Power Transmission products and services – all the electrical and mechanical products you need, per your specifications, to move your application – from the motor, through conveyor line, fan, pump or drive.

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Before starting the Tulsa-based Unlaub Company in 1948,  Chuck Unlaub spent a portion of his career selling v-belts and related items to many customers in many Texas cities and towns.

Unlaub grew over the years through a commitment to service, providing best in class products/brands and maintaining great relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Channel Bearing Service & Supply was founded in 1969 in Pasadena Texas, west of downtown Houston and in the industrial port area of the Houston Channel.

Now, Channel Bearing’s tradition of service has joined with Unlaub’s  to expand our reach, maintaining a focus on great service.

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